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Web Page with Email: $10/mo.

You design your own web page and place it here. You get an email address to go with your web page. Your email can be forwarded to another address if you like. That way you don’t have to check for email at more than one place. We can assist you in placing your web page/s.


Domain Hosting & Email: $25/mo

Your www.yourname.com site is placed here and it can be seen when someone enters your address like http://www.yourname.com Our page is never seen.

You get email to go with your domain so that people will email you at:  yourname@yourname.com  Email forwarding is available as above. You design your web pages and place them yourself or we assist in placing those pages for you.


Domain Name Registration Service: $35.00 One time charge.

We take care of registering your domain name so that everyone on the Internet can see it. We also host your new domain name for one month after which you go to the $25/mo plan detailed above.


Search Engine Listing:

You can list your web page or domain with the most popular search engines so that people can locate your pages by using a popular search engine using search terms like “interest” “location” “product” “hobby” or any of dozens of other index words. This way you’re assured that your pages will be viewed by anyone looking for whatever you’re offering on your web page.