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This site is about me and who I am. I hope you enjoy it and find what you’re looking for. If not, then send me an email and ask about whatever it is you didn’t find. There is really very little I won’t answer if you’re interested in knowing.


At the present there isn’t much here, just some pictures of me and some things around where I live. I do have a little gallery of photos that I’ve shot while in Mexico. You can spend days looking at the photos. Feel free to download any of the images you like. To see the photo gallery just click. {Here}


There’s also a little applet you can click on that will utilize Yahoo Messenger to send an instant message to me. It’s called “Pingbox” and utilizes the Yahoo Messenger site. Feel free to send a message if you like.

All about who I am.

611 N. 5th St.

Keokuk, IA  52632-5622

Contact Me:

Phone: 319-208-7714