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Here are some photos of the rewind, water wheels, boring, and machining.

Clicking here will take you to some photos of the last of the 25 HZ transformers leaving. Below...

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This pretty sunrise above will take you to photos of the first waterwheel being removed since the plant was built in 1913.

The work is just getting started.

The work is well under way in this set.

The first waterwheel is loaded and ready to be transported across the dam for disposal.

A little accident with a 150 ton crane

This link will take you to the archive of construction photos taken from 1910-1913 while the Keokuk Plant was being built. This is a huge collection. Click here.

Click here to see  4 new water wheels being unloaded.  April 14-15

Some of the thumbnails are links to collections of photos. Some of the captions have links in them that will take you to more photos.

This is the Keokuk Plant of Ameren-UE. The plant was built in 1913 after 3 years of construction. There are 15 main generators and 2 auxiliary units. Click on the thumbnails listed below to see them as larger views.

Construction on the power plant was begun in 1910 and completed in 1913. Originally known as The Mississippi River Power Company. Click the picture to the left to see the construction photos.

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