This is the Malecon which is sort of a seawall for the business strip in the city. A very popular gathering place at night where people stroll and sit to visit and people watch. Tourists and locals gather here. Along the beach area you’ll find sea turtles laying eggs in late winter. The activities are always fun to watch.

If you click on the photo of the Malecon you’ll be directed to a camera that will give you a live view of the Malecon. Viewing the camera at night doesn’t really show you much, but the daytime is exciting.


I visit Mexico every winter and inviting people along is always fun. I love to show people all the fun things to do and great places to eat. This is truly a paradise.

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Photos of Mexico

I have a new script running on the server to present photos as an album. To view the pictures just click “Here”. There are also other pictures that I’ve taken here as well.

The “Indigenous Dancers” are always fun to see. The local flowers are blooming in the winter.