Hurricane: Puerto Vallarta 2002


Check out the pictures of Puerto Vallarta during and after the hurricane. Nearly all of this damage has been repaired and the city almost as good as new and in some places, it looks better than before the hurricane. The entire photo gallery is found at: Hurricane

The famous arches of the amphitheater are gone. Looking north to Malecon.

Looking south to the amphitheater from the Malecon.

The cleanup begins along the Malecon. Much of the bronze art along the Malecon was destroyed or up-rooted.

The military patrols the area along the Malecon for several days following the hurricane. Some of the broken artwork can be seen at the right of this shot.

Flooding along the “hotel zone”. This area was hit very hard and the devastation  covered 2 to 3 blocks inland from the hotels. Most of the damage away from the shoreline was caused by flooding.

Damage to the artwork along the Malecon can be seen here. Many of the large rocks along the shoreline were thrown through the storefronts by the wave action.

The rocks along the street were thrown here from the shoreline by the wave action of the storm.

This building will have to be demolished. The entire building was moved by the storm and no longer sits level. Other structural damage makes the building unsafe.

At the north end of the Malecon, this building only lost its roof. Across from this building is the Hotel Rosita.